Delicious dinner and beer at CK Browar

Going out for dinner at the CK Browar restaurant is always a pleasure. However, we are also happy to host people who come to our pub or club. You can start the evening with a tasty dinner, which ends with our local beer, brewed on the spot in a mini-brewery. The menu includes many items that will provide us with a delicious dinner, but also as snacks for beer. If we come to a pub just to drink beer with friends, they will be a great choice.

Dinner at a reputable restaurant

The chef’s specialty at the CK Browar restaurant is Galician cuisine. However, we focus on a variety of dishes, so you can eat nutritious soups, but also light salads with grilled chicken or consisting of only vegetables. Viennese schnitzel, long stewed beef or pork knuckle are also popular. You can order grilled meat or fish. Or you can just order homemade dumplings. Nobody leaves us hungry.

Delicious snacks perfect for beer

A lot of people just like to snack, talk to their friends and drink beer. In CK Browar you can find something tastier than peanuts or potato chips. Our locally brewed beers are accompanied by local delicacies and Galician cuisine. Our beers are dark, light, wheat and honey beers, and we also offer two types of seasonal beers, which you need to ask the staff about. You can choose from various extras. Of course, fries are popular, but we also recommend spicy chicken wings in crispy breadcrumbs, baked breads, including the vegetarian version, or steak tartare. Among the regional delicacies, we also recommend sheep’s cheese served with fresh bread and pickled cucumbers.