Corporate holidays at CK Browar dinner

Magical December is inextricably associated with Christmas, Krakow is decorated with decorations, we spend many hours looking for gifts for our loved ones. December is also a great opportunity for employee integration, companies organizing Christmas Eve meetings for employees, we invite you to take advantage of our offer.

Company dinner at CK Browar

Due to the fact that our restaurant in Krakow has several spacious rooms, it is an ideal place to organize a Christmas Eve meeting with a larger group of people. The Hunter’s Room, decorated with beautiful wooden paneling, is recommended for closed events. Animal antlers decorating the walls are an additional advantage of the room. The Knight’s Hall will appeal to lovers of austere, medieval atmosphere. The walls of the room are lined with antique bricks, it is the best place for more elegant meetings. There will also be plenty of places in the Main Hall, but we encourage you to book in advance.

Companies organizing employee Christmas Eve at CK Browar can order a special menu for this occasion. For groups of 15 to 20 people, we recommend a roasted piglet, served with delicious additions. For a more intimate dinner of up to 10 people, a roasted turkey is best, served, among others. with groats and rice. Our chefs will also prepare a special, typically Christmas Eve menu for you, details can be agreed when booking the date. For dinner, you can order our original beers, brewed on the spot, or delicious wines from different parts of the world.