Consolation at CK Browar

There comes a sad time in every family when you have to say goodbye to one of your relatives. In Poland, it is popular to arrange a funeral or a farewell party, organized immediately after the funeral. The choice of a place for such an occasion should not be accidental, because the deceased should be honored with dignity. The best restaurant in Krakow for such occasions is certainly CK Browar.

Choosing a room

In the CK Browar restaurant, guests have at their disposal two elegant rooms, intended for closed receptions. The Hunting Room is decorated with magnificent dark wood paneling, in which scenes depicting hunting hunters are carved. In the upper parts of the walls surrounding the room, there are real antlers of animals, which strongly emphasize the hunting atmosphere of the room. The Knight’s Hall looks even more elegant. On the walls there are natural brick and larger pieces of stones. Beautiful chairs with a hand-carved logo of the restaurant were placed next to wooden tables.

Choice of dishes

The funeral director can choose from the most exquisite dishes in the restaurant, which specializes in the traditional cuisine of the region. Special packages have been prepared for organized groups. Baked piglet, served with potatoes, sauerkraut and cucumbers is an ideal option for a larger group of 20 people. For a more intimate 10-person party, the right choice will be: roasted turkey with beetroot and groats or cooked ham with bone, accompanied by fried cabbage, served with mustard and horseradish.