Communion party in a restaurant

Spring and early summer are the season of communion receptions. First Holy Communion is not only a very important day for a child, but also for its parents. Many people decide to organize dinners or a small party to spend time with family and friends. Our restaurant in Krakow offers restaurant tables for a special dinner or the possibility of renting a separate room for a larger group of people.

Exceptional parties, in a unique place

CK Browar is not only a mini-brewery and a pub, but also a unique restaurant with an atmosphere. You can organize both a small family dinner and a closed event. The CK Browar menu offers a variety of suggestions, including for young eaters. However, it is worth booking a table or room in advance to be sure that such a party will be successful.

In the event of a family dinner, you can book a table shortly in advance. However, if we organize a large First Communion party, where a dozen or so people will be present, it is worth making a reservation much earlier, and preferably as soon as we confirm the date of the ceremony.

Two private rooms available to guests

Our restaurant CK Browar offers two private rooms. The hunting room will be perfect for a cozy, intimate family event. The decor will be remembered for a long time, and current children will certainly be interested in, for example, the decorative deer antlers, which is one of the decorations in this room. In turn, the second room – the knight’s one, can easily accommodate up to 30 people, so it is offered for slightly larger parties. When making a reservation, you can also discuss the menu to get the party last button.