Clear November at CK Browar

Although we mainly associate November with a drastic worsening of the weather, it does not mean that we have to spend this month at home. Especially that important events take place during this period – the Day of the Dead and the Independence Day. Instead of wasting time in the kitchen cooking, it is better to go to CK Browar, the best restaurant in Krakow, these days.

Rich dishes for bad weather

You can diversify the capricious weather by ordering delicious, rich dishes that reign in our menu. Especially lovers of meat flavors will be pleased, we serve delicious pork knuckles, ribs or venison, using handfuls of traditional Galician recipes. Comfort food dishes will also perfectly improve our mood, in the CK Browar menu you will find the best Russian dumplings in the city, a classic white sausage, a sandwich with tasty black pudding or soups that everyone remembers from childhood.

Warming drinks

A nice lunch or dinner with friends or family will pass even more joyfully in the company of delicious breweries, which our restaurant is famous for. Wheat, light, dark and honey beers can be ordered all year round, and there is also one special item each season. Of course, not everyone is a beer gourmand, which is why we have also prepared an extremely extensive wine list, containing wines from various parts of the world. In addition, our guests can also enjoy a drink of high-percentage alcohol, we have collected delicious types of vodkas, whiskey, liqueurs and much more. Alcohols are available in shots or colored drinks.