CK Browar Restaurant – a cold spot in a hot day

Summer in Poland is getting warmer every year. Many people who go out on hot days or even go sightseeing seek refuge with cold drinks and ice cream desserts. Our restaurant in Krakow – CK Browar can provide a place to rest against the sun and heat pouring from the sky. You can find a table in a shaded garden or in air-conditioned rooms.

Summer drinks for everyone

First of all, it is worth drinking a lot of water, but it is also good at quenching thirst with cold beer. Our restaurant offers four types of beer brewed on site, plus a seasonal variety. We serve light, dark, wheat and honey beer. Ask the staff about the seasonal flavor. All our beers are brewed on the basis of an ancient recipe, thanks to which they taste delicious. By the way, you can also see the process of making this drink.

People who don’t want to drink beer can choose cider. We offer many flavors, such as classic apple, pear or with a hint of cinnamon. Of course, non-alcoholic drinks are also available! We especially recommend fresh juices and lemonades. Even coffee lovers will find the perfect one for themselves.

A quick snack

Our restaurant Krakow is known not only for Galician cuisine, but also for the variety of dishes. We serve classic and very rich dinners that will please the greatest gourmets. However, for hot weather, when you don’t always want to eat a lot, we also offer light salads with salmon or chicken. Our menu also includes light soups. And after lunch, you can try cooling ice cream desserts.