CK Browar Pub – the perfect place for an evening beer

CK Browar is a place where you can spend time with your family, having a tasty dinner together, but also a perfect spot to pop out for a beer. In the evening, after a long day of work or on weekends, many people just like to meet, chat and drink special drinks. This way of spending time is very popular. The CK Browar pub offers many seats so that you can meet in a small group, but also arrange an evening with a large number of friends.

Beer is brewed on site

The specialty of CK Browar is beer brewed on site. The pub has its own mini-brewery from which the Jasne, Ciemne, Pszenne and Miodowe beers come from. It is worth asking the staff for seasonal beer, because it also appears in our offer. You can also order a beer tasting or choose a mug of the type that we usually like the most. In CK Browar, you can also enter a mini-brewery and see the beer brewing process with your own eyes. For every person who likes this drink, it will surely be a nice experience.

Snacks perfect for beer

In addition to lunches or typical dinner dishes, the CK Browar restaurant also serves snacks perfect for beer. Spicy wings or fries taste great with beer, but we also recommend a plate or a platter of meat snacks served with fries or potatoes. Pork grilled with onion is also popular. A pork knuckle with a beer crust will also taste great with beer. The menu offers a lot of suggestions that taste well with the beer.