CK Browar – perfect for students

Krakow is one of the largest academic centers in the country, which is particularly noticeable during the summer, when young students leave the city to go to their homeland. However, at the beginning of autumn, the academic year begins again and my friends from university, after months of separation, have many stories to tell. The best place for joint feasts is CK Browar, a restaurant in the heart of Krakow, with an extremely wide range of dishes and drinks.

A quick dinner in the city

During the break between classes, it is worth eating a filling, warm meal, which will not ruin the student’s limited budget. In our restaurant in Krakow, every day, from Monday to Friday, an extremely attractive lunch offer is available, which is very popular with our guests. In the hours between 12.00 and 16.00, you will pay for soup and main course from PLN 12. The cheapest option is Russian dumplings with onion, so adored by all Poles. For a greater appetite, we recommend the traditional pork chop, which in a set with soup costs only PLN 16!

Evening meetings

However, most students visit CK Browar after the end of the classes, when they like to meet for a beer. And the breweries served in our restaurant are second to none, we brew them on site according to traditional recipes. In our menu you will find several tasty types: light, dark, wheat and honey beer. We recommend the economical version, for the price of PLN 75 you can buy 5 liters of beer from us, an ideal option for groups of several people.