CK Browar – modern Galician tradition

Krakow as a city firmly embedded in the oldest Polish history, contains the element of mysticism and tradition. On the other hand, it is a city of young people, dominated by students and tourists. Anyone who wants to experience such a diverse climate of Krakow without having to host in many places can certainly be offered the most universal and at the same time surprising place in Krakow – CK Browar. What has this pub earned such a name?

CK Browar – beer like in former Galicia

At CK Browar you will find something that no one else offers – local beer brewed on site. And not just any, because they were composed according to the original Austrian-Hungarian recipes. Therefore, each guest will experience the depth of beer taste, learning the health benefits of this unfiltered and unpasteurised drink. And for those who want to satisfy their curiosity awaits the possibility of eye observation of the brewing process.
CK Browar is – apart from delicious local beer – also good and cheap cuisine in Krakow. Delicious dinners, surprising starters, filling soups or the company Hunter’s Platter and CK Plates have permanently entered the culinary tastes of the Cracovians. The CK Browar restaurant is also a special menu for allergy sufferers. Galician dishes adapted to the palates of lovers of modern flavors – it had to be successful. Cheap and good cuisine will always defend itself.

Club Laboratorium – fun in a unique setting

For lovers of good music and energetic fun, CK Browar offers a unique place. Club Laboratorium is a live DJ, original drinks and an even more original way of serving them – in test tubes. If you add to this the ceiling shimmering with the glow of star constellations – an extremely characteristic place is created, where everyone will have a great time. The possibility of renting the Hall for closed events, security and professional catering guarantee a really successful event.
CK Browar in Krakow is a perfect place for a family dinner, banquets, corporate events. Here you can taste excellent beer and Galician cuisine, relax in the cozy Knight’s Hall or go crazy on the dance floor of the Laboratorium Club. Regardless of whether you live in Krakow or are just a guest here, you will remember CK Browar for a long time. And certainly you will not come back here again.