CK Browar is a showcase of Krakow

Krakow is one of the most-visited cities in Poland by tourists, a very large number of visitors are people living outside our country. No wonder, after all, the former capital of Poland can offer visitors a lot of interesting monuments, not only those related to architecture. The traditional cuisine of the city is also extremely varied, and you can see it best by visiting CK Browar.

Galicia on a plate

Before regaining independence, different nations coexisted in the former capital of Poland, which had a huge impact on the cuisine of the region, in which our restaurant in Krakow specializes. Every day at CK Browar we serve delicious dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes. We are known for delicious meats, including venison, which we serve in many ways. You can order a roasted piglet or a set consisting of venison, wild boar meat or other forest creatures. In CK Browar you can also taste the best Russian dumplings in Krakow, which are also one of the specialties of Galician cuisine. However, one of the main attractions of the menu is wiener schnitzel, a traditional Austro-Hungarian dish, which was the prototype of the Polish pork chop. Only at CK Browar we prepare a dish from real veal according to a traditional recipe.
CK Browar is one of the most interesting restaurants in Krakow, as well as the best place for people who would like to taste Galician cuisine. Our offer also includes delicious beers brewed on site and wines from around the world, perfect for the succinct dishes available in our menu.