CK Browar is a place saturated with the Krakow tradition

CK Browar – a marriage of tradition and modernity

CK Browar is a place saturated with the Krakow tradition, where Galician influences are noticeable. However, the one who expects heavy interiors and an unattractive menu are wrong. CK Browar is one of the most interesting restaurants in Krakow. Intimate halls: Hunter’s and Knight’s, air-conditioned restaurant with an interior stylized for an Austrian fort and a futuristic Club Laboratory, in which drinks are served in test tubes – such a variety will suit every guest’s taste. However, what makes CB Browar stand out and makes it famous, making it a must-see spot on the culinary map of Krakow is its own brewery. Nowhere else in Krakow will you taste local beer brewed on site in your own brewery, in front of guests.

Austrian – Hungarian beer recipe

Beer not subjected to filtration and pasteurization contains everything that is most valuable from hops and barley malt. Therefore, they are valuable proteins, vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants. This beer also provides probiotics and antibiotics. Thus, local beer in Krakow’s CK Browar has many health benefits. A unique taste and depth of aroma go hand in hand with them. Beer in CK Browar is recommended for people with cardiac and digestive problems, with kidney stones or constantly stressed. The regular offer includes four types of beers: Jasne, Dunkel, Weizen and Inger, while seasonally available among others Honey beer. You can drink beer in a mug everywhere, but only in CK Browar beer is served in tubes. CK Browar in Krakow is not only beer – nowhere else will you try famous drinks served in samples!

Krakow a city with many faces

CK Browar combines what is most valuable in the Royal City. On one hand, there is an intimate atmosphere of the Hunter’s and Knight’s Rooms, with hand-carved tables and interesting decorations. It’s the perfect place in Krakow to eat Polish food, have a discreet conversation on professional topics or organize a company party. The air-conditioned restaurant is a very characteristic place, always lively. The severity of old wine cellars is broken by tasteful paintings and colorful stained glass windows at every table. This good restaurant in Krakow has one more attraction – the opportunity to follow the process of brewing beer step by step, there on the spot. And then of course tasting. The perfect location a step away from the Main Square and the iconic Bagatela Theater certainly adds splendor to this place. And excellent dinners, beer not found anywhere else and a unique atmosphere defend themselves. Therefore, if you are interested in an unforgettable stay in the unique pub Krakow invites you to CK Browar.