CK Browar for a student pocket

CK Browar is associated primarily with exquisite dishes of Polish and Galician cuisine, but our restaurant is also suitable for students. Krakow is inhabited by many young people who are trying to feed economically, which is why there are also interesting items on our menu for them.

Lunch offer

During the break between classes, we invite you to use our lunch sets, several different items are available every day, lunch prices start from PLN 12. From 12.00 to 16.00, you can order both meat and vegetarian dishes, incl. Russian and meat dumplings, pork chop or tagliatelle pasta with chicken. Soup is served with each dish, it is different every day, just ask the staff. In our restaurant in Krakow, we also serve small snacks, suitable for less hungry. They are mainly delicious, baked bread, served, among others. with black pudding, bacon or scrambled eggs. On cooler days, you can warm up with delicious soups served by our chefs. There are e.g. sour rye soup, red borscht or onion soup, priced from 8 to 13 zlotys.

CK Browar is one of the few restaurants in Krakow that offers its customers delicious beers of its own production. Every day until 4 p.m. there are happy hours, we will pay only PLN 50 for a 5-liter tube of light beer. Delicious snacks, also available at affordable prices, are perfect for this. We will pay less than PLN 10 for a white sausage with bread and mustard or a set of Belgian fries.