CK Browar – excellent cuisine and exceptional beer

What features should an ideal restaurant have? The first thought is Polish food, the second is excellent beer. And what if it was still in the picturesque scenery of Krakow, and the interior design and climate atmosphere reflected the dualism of this royal city? Krakow is a city of contrasts, where modernity and fun meet with Galician tradition firmly rooted in the history of the region. A place that has all of these features is CK Browar – a good restaurant, excellent pub and local Microbrewery in one.

CK Browar – local beer and cheap dinners in Krakow

A place offering excellent cuisine and great alcohol is always a desirable meeting place. Both an evening with friends, a special event, a company party or a business dinner in Krakow can be successfully implemented at CK Browar. This place tempts with an excellent location a step away from the Main Square, rich menu and great local beer. That’s right, the beer here. There are legends about him in Krakow. CK Browar is a place where, in the eyes of customers, beer is brewed according to the original Austrian-Hungarian recipe. This solution will delight both traditional lovers of this drink, who can enjoy the rich aroma of such beer with pleasure. But it is also an interesting proposition for active and young people who prefer a modern and healthy lifestyle. Beer from CK Browar is distinguished by its unusual health-promoting properties resulting from the unique brewing process. And for those who like experiments and louder fun – Club Laboratorium offers drinks served in test tubes and drunk with constellations of stars shining overhead.

Kitchen at CK Browar – dumplings, pork knuckle and oscypek cheese

The menu at CK Browar is a skillfully composed cross-section of key dishes of Polish cuisine, with a discreetly woven note of modernity. Here you can taste excellent dumplings, nutritious soups, original snacks and a surprising richness of main dishes. One of the most interesting suggestions is grilled mountain cheese with bacon with cranberry and horseradish mousse. Such a perfect flavor composition is a tribute to the regional Polish oscypek and delicious additions. Due to the proximity of the Tatra Mountains, the presence of such a dish seems to be completely understandable. At CK Browar you can have a delicious lunch, spend an intimate evening sipping a delicious beer or cider, and also spend a crazy night at the Laboratorium Club, which is marked by energetic music and dance. Therefore, Krakow tempts with this unique place, which is invariably appreciated by both its native inhabitants and tourists.