CK Browar during Lent

Lent is associated with stagnation, although not everyone adheres to its assumptions. However, you don’t have to stay at home, at CK Browar the carnival lasts all year round! We invite you to visit our restaurant in Krakow, no matter if you are preparing a spontaneous dinner or a celebration with a high-percentage drink.

Tasty dishes
– a vegetarian option, if you follow a Lenten diet during this period, you do not have to give up the taste, in our menu you will find delicious dishes, perfect for this occasion. Our chefs have prepared delicious fish dishes especially for you, which will delight your palate.

Try tasty trout seasoned with spicy horseradish, a delicate salmon fillet with a hint of garlic, or a cod loin bathed in aromatic paprika sauce. You can choose additions to each of the dishes yourself, and if you drink alcohol, do not forget to check out our extensive wine list, which also includes items perfect for fish.

An evening with a glass of beer also during Lent, our bar is available to you, so we cordially invite you to taste our unique beers. We have prepared four varieties of this tasty drink for you, prepared according to a traditional recipe. Check also the beer starters, which are available in our restaurant in Krakow. The menu includes spicy wings, iconic Belgian fries or classics of the genre – bread with lard and aromatic white sausage, served with mustard.