CK Browar – delicious venison dishes

Nowadays, consumers attach great importance to what lands on their plate. No wonder then that venison is very popular, which is not only leaner than most meats, but also very aromatic. CK Browar is one of the few restaurants in Krakow where you can enjoy delicious wild game dishes.

Gifts of the forest on your plate

Venison served at CK Browar is prepared according to a special Galician recipe. Meats available in our restaurant in Krakow are previously marinated for many hours, making them extremely delicate and tender. For a special occasion, it is worth ordering the Hunter’s Platter. At a price of 65 zlotys we get a mix of venison, consisting of roe deer, wild boar and duck, all served with potato pancakes and blanched vegetables. From individual dishes you can also try roast duck breast with apples and cranberries, or roast wild boar hunters.

CK Browar also offers its guests a wide range of wines that perfectly match venison. Our restaurant in Krakow serves drinks from different regions, you can order a whole bottle of wine or a glass. Intense in taste Agneau Rouge red wine, originating from Bordeaux, goes perfectly with red meats and venison. Like Chunky Red Zinfandel, Italian red wine with dark berry aromas with a slightly oak flavor. A slightly cheaper option is Nero d’Avola, also an Italian drink, with an intense ruby ​​color.