CK Browar – a place that will definitely surprise you

Expect equally diverse venues from such a unique and diverse city as Krakow. Of the hundreds of tempting places for both Krakow residents and tourists, it’s worth skipping the average and focus on real gems. One of them is CK Browar – the best pub in Krakow. To understand its phenomenon, all you have to do is visit this place at least once.

CK Browar – for the most demanding guests

The CK Browar pub and restaurant is surprising in every respect. Crossing its threshold, you have a chance to commune with what is most valuable in Krakow. The restaurant is an excellent cuisine based on Galician dishes, animated with a touch of modernity. Cheap dinners, exquisite starters or delicious soups – here you will certainly find something that will satisfy your palate. An example of a dish loved by guests is onion soup with croutons. Strongly rooted in the French tradition, it was also popular in Old Polish cuisine. Initially, it functioned as a soup for the poor who cooked it only with water and onions. Over time, it was enriched with white wine and meat stock and thickened with flour. Regardless of the additions used, the secret of an excellent onion soup is perfectly caramelized and not burnt onions. Served with crunchy croutons and Parmesan cheese, it is a real feast of the senses.

CK brewery surprises guests

In addition to the aforementioned restaurant and excellent cuisine, CK brewery is also a pub serving beer brewed on site. The unique beer production procedure is reflected in its excellent taste and health-promoting properties. An intimate restaurant and pub are not enough – the Knight’s and Hunter’s Rooms are delightful with their majestic decor and are a great place for company events in Krakow, banquets, family gatherings or special events. And just behind the wall – the futuristic Club Laboratory with drinks served in test tubes and live music. CK Browar in Krakow is a place open to every customer, where everyone will spend pleasant and unforgettable moments. And before he leaves the premises, he will want to come back here.