CK Browar – a new symbol of Krakow

Almost all of us are able to mention at least one symbol of Krakow. The first association is Sukiennice, Rynek Główny or the Wawel Dragon. It may be time to add another surprising item to this list – known to everyone who visits Krakow, but also to its native residents. I am talking about a place combining tradition and modernity, offering an intimate atmosphere or party atmosphere. I am talking about CK Browar – one of the most original venues in Krakow.

What is the uniqueness of CK Browar?

Krakow is a city that seamlessly combines Old Polish tradition with modernity. This double nature of the city is perfectly reflected in CK Browar, a place of business or family meetings in atmospheric cellars, but also a pub offering original drinks, great music and futuristic interior design of the Club. The neighborhood of the dance hall with the original ceiling imitating the starry sky and the romantic Hunting and Knight’s Rooms perfectly reflects the universal character of the premises. Such duality is also noticeable in the menu, where traditional Old Galician dishes are often adapted to their modern versions, satisfying the palates of both culinary traditionalists and seekers of new flavors. Therefore, good cuisine is an undoubted advantage of the CK Browar restaurant in Krakow. However, what CK Browar tempts the most is local beer. Krakow has only one such place where you can taste beers brewed in front of the guests.

Good beer in Krakow – only at CK Browar

CK Browar offers beer brewed according to the original Austrian-Hungarian recipe. What does it mean? Unfiltered and unpasteurized beer is a wealth of flavor that you will not find in ordinary bottled beer. It is an extremely high content of nutrients that results from minimal interference and reduction of processing processes. Did you know that beer from CK Browar is considered a medicinal product? Supports digestion and kidney function, increases concentration and strengthens the heart. Where else will you combine relaxation in an intimate privacy or a grand feast with friends with healthy beer and tasty, cheap cuisine? Cross the thresholds of CK Browar and you will quickly find the answer.