With the beginning of the new year, the carnival period begins, which lasts until Ash Wednesday. In the past, it was a period of preparation for Christians for Lent, when religious people were obliged to live in high asceticism. Therefore, during the carnival, grand receptions were organized, the tradition of which has survived to this day.

CK Browar is the only restaurant in Krakow that fully reflects the culinary tradition of the Galicia region. It is also an ideal place to organize a carnival party in a larger group. In the restaurant, guests have at their disposal several rooms, the design of which refers to the history of the city. The Hunting Room provides guests with great privacy, but its greatest advantage is the decor. The walls of the hall are covered with beautiful, dark walnut paneling, with animal antlers being an additional decoration. The design of the Knight’s Hall resembles a medieval castle. The walls are covered with irregular stone blocks, guests sit at solid wooden tables surrounded by chairs with hand-engraved initials of the restaurant. Both rooms are perfect for a fancy dress party, an extremely popular form of carnival party.

However, the greatest advantage of the CK Browar restaurant is its delicious cuisine. You can place a special order for organized groups. The revelers can choose from delicious venison meats, traditional Galician dishes or delicious fish. The restaurant also has a wide range of alcoholic beverages from around the world, it is also possible to hire a DJ for the duration of the party.