Business lunch at CK Browar

Krakow is one of the largest cities in Poland, which is why many international companies have their headquarters here. When foreign associates come here on a business trip, companies look for the best venues that will work for a business dinner. CK Browar is a restaurant in Krakow, famous for its traditional Polish and Galician cuisine, as well as for its beautiful interior, which is why it is perfect for such an occasion.

Foreigners visiting Poland appreciate local cuisine very much, so taking a foreign delegation to CK Browar is a very good idea. The restaurant’s menu includes many tasty and exquisite dishes, such as roasted duck breast, original Viennese schnitzel or roast wild boar. The menu also includes lighter dishes, for revelers who care about the body. These include three salads – Mediterranean, with salmon or grilled chicken, as well as sirloin or salmon carpaccio and steak tartare. However, the biggest attraction for foreign visitors may turn out to be dumplings.

At CK Browar, you can taste hand-made dumplings, prepared according to traditional recipes. The restaurant’s menu includes Russian dumplings and dumplings with meat – with onion sprinkles, as well as dumplings with cheese and raspberry sauce – sweet. For a business dinner it is worth ordering a bottle of tasty wine. The restaurant offers a wine list from all over the world, the waiter will be happy to advise you which brand is best for the dishes selected by the guests. And beer lovers can enjoy the restaurant’s specialty – four different types of breweries, brewed on the spot.