Beer from a mini brewery

When planning evening outings with friends to a restaurant or pub, it is worth including good beer in your plans. Contrary to appearances, not only men will gladly accept such an invitation. A very large number of women also like good beer, not only the taste. After a tasty dinner, a glass of good beer will help you relax and have a pleasant chat. You can always go only for beer and snacks that will make the time spent together pleasant.

Original beer from our own brewery

Our CK Browar restaurant can boast its own mini-brewery. In addition to beer, we also serve tasty dinners and snacks that perfectly match the taste of aromatic beer. You can spend here not only the evening, but also part of the night, because as one of the few, our restaurant in Krakow is connected with the operation of the pub.

Beer brewed in a mini-brewery is our signature drink. We brew the brewery on site, based on old recipes. You can choose from different types of beer, from light to dark, and even honey or wheat. Our restaurant always offers one seasonal beer, which changes with the arrival of the new season.

Not only the beers are excellent here. The snacks, which are supposed to be side dishes that taste good with this drink, are also very good. You can order various extras: from traditional bread with lard to hot snacks such as chicken wings. Even if we decided to come only for a beer, and suddenly we get hungry, we can easily find treats that match the beer taste and will satisfy the evening hunger.