Beer brewed on site – which restaurant in Krakow offers such?

Most of the restaurants offer bottled beer from the largest concerns in the brewing industry. Although tastes are not discussed, it is worth saying that beer brewed in a traditional way, in much smaller quantities, can be tastier. First of all, because it is produced in limited quantities, it is often even seasonal. Moreover, beers brewed for a specific pub or restaurant always have an individual taste. In Krakow, such beer can be found at CK Browar. Our restaurant Krakow offers not only tasty meals, but also beer straight from the mini-brewery.

Beer based on an old recipe

At CK Browar, beer is brewed according to a very old and unique Austro-Hungarian recipe. As the only place in Krakow, we provide guests with the opportunity to drink this type of beer. However, it is not just one type. The offer includes four types of beer that are sold all year round. These are CK Jasne, CK Ingwer, CK Dunkel and CK Weizen. In turn, CK Marzen and CK Miodowe are available as seasonal beers. All beers are produced on site, so you can expect a fresh mug of beer.

A restaurant in Krakow that serves all tastes

CK Browar is the only restaurant in Krakow that houses not only a pub and a mini-brewery in one place, but also a restaurant or a club. In total, it can accommodate up to 500 people, and you can rent separate rooms if you want to organize a party here with friends. Various snacks are served with very good beer. The menu is dominated by items from Austro-Hungarian cuisine, but there are also typical Polish delicacies.