Autumn seat reservation for meetings with friends

Unfortunately, not every year we can enjoy the so-called Polish golden autumn. However, every day we can enjoy the golden drink, i.e. beer. By choosing Pub CK Browar, you can not only spend a pleasant time in a warm atmosphere, but also try beer brewed on site. You do not have such an opportunity often, so it is even more worth choosing our restaurant.

Beer from the CK Browar pub

In CK Browar you can try beer brewed on site. Our mini-brewery offers several types of beer. You can order a tasting of all served beers or a pint of light, dark, wheat or honey drink right away. All beers brewed on the spot follow an old recipe that is our secret. Thanks to the brewing process using the traditional method, the beer acquires an interesting taste and aroma. People interested in the process of brewing beer can visit the mini-brewery and see for themselves how we produce it for our own needs.

Good food not only for beer

In the CK Browar restaurant, you can not only order beer or other drinks, but also eat something good. In autumn, it is worth focusing on hot meals that will satisfy our hunger and give us energy, but also warm up the body. Of course, in our restaurant you can choose from many items, including cold dishes such as salads. However, due to the time of year, it is worth choosing soups, Russian dumplings served with glazed onions or even venison and fish dishes. You can also easily find a dinner suitable for vegetarians or people with food allergies. We make sure that everyone can eat something delicious with us.