An integrative company event in the center of Krakow

The former capital of Poland, in addition to obvious architectural monuments, also hosts many corporations. It is no wonder then that corporate parties are often organized in the CK Browar restaurant. Krakow is growing more and more every year, which is why the premises offer is very extensive and flexible.

Offer for companies

By making a reservation in advance, the CK brewery can organize its employees an unforgettable integration party. The standard menu includes delicious items of Polish and Austro-Hungarian cuisine, but we also encourage you to take advantage of our special offer for organized events. At a more intimate party of up to 10 people, the turkey from the oven will look great. It is served in the company of baked potatoes, rice, groats with vegetables and salads. On the other hand, for groups of 15-20 people, on special request, the chef prepares roasted piglet, served in the company of potatoes in various forms, vegetables and groats. Guests can use various rooms depending on the party profile and number of guests. We organize intimate events for up to 30 people in the Hunting Hall, decorated with interesting hunting trophies. For more guests, you can use the Knight’s Hall, an extremely exquisite place with hand-carved tables. However, the biggest asset of CK Browar are craft beers brewed according to the ancient Austro-Hungarian recipe. The guests have at their disposal delicate and light breweries, more aromatic, dark or wheat.