An atmospheric party with friends at the CK Browar restaurant

Surprise parties are becoming more and more common. However, whenever we want to invite a large group of people to a party, the same problem arises: where to accommodate them? Not every apartment is suitable for a surprise party. Then it is worth choosing the safest option, which is the restaurant Kraków – CK Browar.

Party at a restaurant in Krakow

The restaurant in Krakow, CK Browar, in addition to booking a table in the main room, also offers the possibility of booking one of the two intimate rooms. These are the knights’ room and the hunting room, which are perfect for organizing a party with family and friends. Successfully, these rooms can seat 10 to 30 people, so they will be perfect for this occasion. However, it is worth making a reservation in advance. Especially if we want to take advantage of the culinary attractions, such as a roasted pig.

Good food for everyone

Apart from the fact that CK Browar provides a lot of free space for its guests, the advantage of the restaurant is certainly the prepared food. When organizing a party at home, you also need to cook or bake sweet cakes as snacks for guests. When choosing a restaurant, it is enough to agree on the menu in advance or to give the invited guests the freedom to choose from the à la carte menu. Thanks to this, everyone will be satisfied and the organizer does not have to worry about matters related to cooking. All you need to do is gather the guests willing to participate in the event and the star of the evening – if the event is in someone’s honor and you can have a great time with local beer and tasty snacks.