A warming menu for fall

October brings a significant cooling down of the climate in Poland, which is why most of us like to enjoy filling, high-calorie dishes. On cold days, the body needs more energy to warm up the body, so you can enjoy traditional Galician dishes, available in our restaurant in Krakow, without remorse.

The best dishes for bad weather

As an appetizer, it is best to choose one of the warming soups that CK Browar restaurant is famous for. In the menu you will find classic broth with noodles, which will effectively improve the body’s immunity, protecting it against colds and flu. The aromatic onion soup has a similar effect, after all, it has been known for a long time that onions are a natural antibiotic. Among the more substantial soups, we especially recommend the old Polish sourdough sour rye soup, served with white sausage and egg. We can fill ourselves with a thick cream based on autumn mushrooms, served with hand-made noodles.

Warming drinks

In our menu you will also find aromatic drinks that will warm the body up and effectively improve the mood. Among non-alcoholic drinks, cinnamon latte is very popular, characterized by a deep, spicy flavor. We also recommend our wide selection of warming teas as well as classic coffees. People who are not afraid of alcohol can order Irish Coffee, an aromatic coffee fortified with a portion of whiskey. In addition, the menu includes mulled beers and wines, served with spices.