A warm place for cold evenings – Pub CK Browar

A lot of people consider a pub or restaurant to be the best place to meet friends. CK Browar offers you both places within one place. Regardless of whether you want to drink a beer in a pub or eat dinner in a restaurant, all this is possible at CK Browar.

Cold beer to warm up the atmosphere

Beer from a mini-brewery tastes different than mass-produced beers by large corporations. It is worth trying our beer at least once to see for yourself that its taste is superior to mass production. Our beer is brewed according to an old, secret recipe, but if you are interested in watching the process, you can go behind the scenes of CK Browar and see the place where our beer is brewed.

There are several types of beer to choose from, so each person will find a taste for themselves. You can choose between light, wheat, honey and dark beers. And we also provide one additional beer flavor every season. There is a possibility of tasting beers or ordering a jug of selected beer right away.

A warm dinner at the CK Browar restaurant

In the CK Browar restaurant and pub, you can not only order beer and snacks. You can also successfully eat a wholesome dinner. Pork knuckle baked in beer is best served with beer, but traditional Viennese schnitzel or dumplings are also available. Also, lovers of vegetarian cuisine will find something tasty for themselves. For smaller hunger, you can simply order something for beer, i.e. Belgian fries with cheese and sauces, spicy wings or our branded CK beer basket.