A restaurant with Polish cuisine in Krakow

Many people like to experiment in the kitchen. There are also people who believe that new flavors are best explored in a restaurant dedicated to this tradition. However, everyone is very happy to eat native dishes. A restaurant in Krakow serving Polish cuisine is our CK Browar! We serve the best and the tastiest dishes of domestic cuisine, which we combine with real Galician cuisine. We also serve local beer, brewed in our own mini-brewery, which you can see for yourself when you come to our restaurant.

Classic delicacies in our edition

Polish cuisine is time-consuming. A lot also depends on the quality of the ingredients. Some of them may even be hard to get. At CK Browar we serve venison, such as hunting wild boar roast, which can be difficult to prepare at home. It will be much easier to go to a restaurant and order this dish, prepared by an experienced chef. The menu of Ck Browar also includes more popular dishes, such as traditional broth with noodles, sour rye soup or red borscht. You can also order dumplings with meat or Russian ones, Viennese schnitzel or a delicious pork knuckle. People who do not like meat can try potato pancakes, blanched vegetables or salads.

We serve local beer

Our restaurant in Krakow also offers locally brewed beers. There are light, dark, honey, wheat and seasonal flavors to choose from. A tasty dinner can be washed down with a delicious, very Polish drink. Of course, you can also drink coffee or fresh lemonade.