A restaurant in Krakow that will surprise you

One of the most visited Polish cities by tourists is Krakow. The residents are also very eager to go for walks around the market square or to visit Wawel from time to time. It cannot be denied that apart from many monuments and works of art, you can also find great restaurants in Krakow. The Kraków restaurant is certainly CK Browar, where, apart from traditional food, we serve local beer. There is no better place to discover traditional flavors.

Pub and restaurant in one

Our restaurant in Krakow – CK Browar is a unique place. Unique restaurant rooms, including separate rooms for groups, a pub and even a club, you can find it all here. At CK Browar, you can also see how our beer is prepared, because we brew it ourselves, based on traditional recipes provided to us. All you need to do is ask the staff for a visit to the mini-brewery.

CK Jasne, CK Weizen, CK Dunkel and CK Ingwer are available. Each season, we also offer one flavor that matches the season. All drinks are made on the basis of a traditional Austro-Hungarian recipe by a very experienced team. We prepare our beer only from natural ingredients.

Tasty food for everyone

CK Browar is famous not only for its local beer. The dinner menu also has many admirers. We offer Galician cuisine, the quintessence of which is the Viennese schnitzel. You can also order typically Polish pork knuckle or Russian dumplings. As one of the few, we also serve venison. Of course, people who do not eat meat will also find the right meal for themselves! Even allergy sufferers will eat here, although it is worth asking the staff for the appropriate menu.