A restaurant in Krakow, perfect for great fun

The upcoming Christmas holidays remind us of the fast approaching end of the year. Celebrating New Year’s Eve is usually very grand, but there are also people who want to spend this evening with friends and enjoy the time spent with them. Our restaurant in Krakow, CK Browar, allows you to celebrate New Year’s Eve in several ways.

A successful event at CK Browar

First of all, the Kraków restaurant is divided into three zones. In the cellars of CK Browar there is a pub where you can sit on stools and taste the beer brewed on site from a mini-brewery, but we also have a restaurant here, which is a slightly quieter part of the premises, and even the Laboratory club, where you can go crazy on the dance floor until dawn . So let’s plan a trip to CK Browar for dinner, and then have fun while waiting for the change of the year.

Alcohols that will surprise everyone

Most people drink a glass of champagne on the coming of the new year. Of course, this drink is also available in a restaurant in Krakow. You can also choose from traditional vodkas, rum, whiskey and wines. We can also prepare non-alcoholic drinks or serve cider. However, it cannot be denied that most people come to CK Browar for a beer. In our restaurant, we brew beer on the spot. Next to the pub part, there is a mini-brewery, which can be visited by people willing to inform the staff. Our mini-brewery produces Miodowe, Pszeniczne, Jasne and Ciemne, and we also serve seasonal beer. The taste of beer is unique because it is brewed according to a traditional and secret recipe.