A restaurant for every budget

Going out to dinner at a restaurant is usually associated with a large expense. Especially a restaurant in Krakow can be associated this way, but on the other hand Krakow is also an academic city where a very large group of students lives or is, who do not want to hide, they want to eat cheaply. Tourists are also very eager to visit Krakow and eat in restaurants. Even this group of people wants to eat well, but not spend too much to be able to spend, for example, on tickets to interesting museums.

Fast and inexpensive lunch in the city

CK Browar is a restaurant in Krakow, known for its specialties of Galician cuisine. However, you can eat here not only roasted piglet. The choice of dishes on the menu is huge and we can find answers for every budget, even in line with the budget of a student or backpacker traveling around the world. Our restaurant Krakow offers very affordable lunch offers. On weekdays, at lunchtime from 12.00 to 16.00, you can eat a two-course dinner for PLN 12. You can also eat a salad, dumplings or one of the baked sandwiches, which are also at tempting prices.

A place to hang out with friends

A lot of people like to meet friends in the city. CK Browar is the perfect place because we offer beer brewed on site. You can choose from light, dark, wheat and honey. Each season, we also offer one additional option to choose from. It is worth knowing that you can order an economical version of as much as 5 liters of beer, which for sharing with friends is very affordable.