A restaurant for any time of the day

CK Browar is a unique restaurant in Krakow, where guests can enjoy a tasty meal at any time of the day. It does not matter if you fancy a late breakfast, lunch or dinner, the restaurant offers a lot of tasty dishes that will delight everyone!

Breakfasts at CK Browar

It is true that the restaurant is open from 12.00, but during the day off, many people eat their first meal at this time. The menu of CK Browar offers appetizing dishes that are perfect for breakfast. A very tasty but inexpensive dish is white sausage, served with bread and mustard. The menu also includes warm sandwiches in various versions, incl. with bacon, scrambled eggs or black pudding. Grilled mountain cheese, served with cranberries and bacon, is also very popular.

Quick lunch

Every day from Monday to Friday, from 12.00 to 16.00, CK Browar offers special lunch sets. There are two specials each week as well as 7 regulars. The offer includes, among others, pork chop with potatoes, Russian dumplings or pasta with chicken and spinach. Each dish is served with the soup of the day, the prices for a set start from PLN 12. During a break from work, you can also order a quick snack, the menu includes various types of baked bread.

In the evening time

For people who like Polish food, Krakow has many offers, but no place can be compared to CK Browar. The restaurant is perfect for an evening dinner, where you can enjoy a tasty meal accompanied by a beer brewed on site. People who prefer wine have at their disposal various wines from all over the world.