A light menu perfect for summer in a restaurant in Krakow

When we think of having lunch in a restaurant, we usually see filling meals, which are of course very tasty, but in summer they may not suit us. And then what? The residents of Krakow can visit CK Browar, which is a restaurant known for traditional Polish and Austro-Hungarian cuisine, but the menu also includes lighter items, great for summer. It is also worth coming here for a beer, because CK Browar is a place that produces its own beer, which is available immediately. You can try all types of beer or choose one – for example, seasonally brewed.

Restaurant Kraków – only CK Browar

One of the lunch hits is baked bread. They allow you to satisfy your hunger and at the same time are not difficult to digest. Currently, 5 flavors are available, including a vegetarian version. Soups are also a tasty proposition. Traditional broth or red borscht will be a great choice at any time of the year. Meat is the specialty of CK Browar restaurant. They do not have to be difficult to digest. In addition to the Viennese schnitzel, you can eat veal fillets or grilled chicken breast served with mountain cheese. The game is also worth trying.

Salads and other delicacies

Salads are always considered to be one of the lightest items on the restaurant menu. Fresh vegetables, the addition of meat or cheese and the right sauce are ideal for satisfying a slight hunger, and above all, they are also easy to digest, so after eating you will not feel heavy. Our restaurant in Krakow offers, among others, grilled chicken salad, Mediterranean salad or lettuce with fried egg and marinated Norwegian salmon. So you can find a salad for people who like something super light, but also for those who cannot do without meat at lunch.